Steps we are taking at North Idaho Dental Group to keep you safe

  As you have heard, Panhandle Health has updated our COVID-19 risk status to red in Kootenai County. With this in mind, we would like to share the additional steps that we are taking at North Idaho Dental Group to make every visit to our office as safe as possible.

  These actions are in addition to our normal standard of care practices that meet or exceed CDC, OSHA and ADA guidelines for dental practices.

  Our goal is to add peace of mind to the friendliness and clinical excellence you have grown to expect. Of course if you have any questions, comments or concerns, we would love to hear from you. Please do not hesitate!


Virtual Waiting Room

    • We now have you check in from your car. By doing this, we bypass the waiting room and you will be taken straight to the treatment room at your appointment time

Prescreening questions and temperature checks

    • Before entering the office we will ask all patients a series of prescreening questions and your temperature will be taken using a non touch thermometer.

Masks and Hand sanitization station

    • Each patient will be asked to wear a mask into the office. We will provide a mask if you do not have your own. We also ask that you sanitize your hands before entering.

Front Desk

    • You will notice when you enter the office that we have installed plexiglass around the receptionist area to minimize contact.  Our front office team will be wearing a mask at all times as well.

No handshakes or hugs

    • We love our patients but unfortunately we will have to save our hugs and warm welcomes for when we are “back to normal”

Cleaning after every appointment

    • It is standard protocol to thoroughly disinfect all surfaces, instruments and equipment in each operatory after every patient.

Clinical staff masks and face shield

    • The beautiful faces of our clinical team will be hidden behind N95 or level 3 masks and faceshields.


    • We follow the Center for Disease Control PPE donning and doffing protocol and change jackets/surgical gowns, surgical caps and thoroughly disinfect and wipe down shields between each patient.


    • Our hygienists will not be using the ultrasonic instrument during your cleanings, this creates an aerosol.

Antimicrobial rinse

    • We have every patient rinse with an antimicrobial rinse for 60 seconds before your treatment begins.

Staff temp checks and prescreening

    • Our staff members answer prescreening questions and have temperatures taken before they enter the office every morning.

Nightly Deep cleaning

    • Along with sanitizing and cleaning during the day, we take it to the next level and thoroughly clean the office every evening.


   The Health and safety of our patients and team members is our top priority. We hope this shows our level of commitment during these challenging times. Take care and stay healthy.



Your team at North Idaho Dental Group



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