5 Reasons You Should Consider Your Dentist for Botox Treatment


  1. Dentists are experts in head and neck Anatomy:  Successful botox treatment requires in-depth knowledge of the nerves and muscles of the face.  Dentists receive extensive training in head and neck anatomy and apply their knowledge every day in practice—Botox fits perfectly into our repertoire as providers.


  1. Dentists are experienced injectors, often giving hundreds of injections every month. Keeping patients comfortable during dental treatment means that dentists must be experts at injecting patients, and that expertise applies to both providing anesthesia and administering botox in a safe, comfortable manner. 


  1. Dentistry is a field where the tiniest of details in smile design can make the difference between aesthetic success and failure.  We apply the same attention to detail when administering botox as we do restoring smiles, which results in incredible outcomes. 


  1. Botox in the dental office allows you to make the most of your time.  Adding botox treatment onto your dental appointment allows you to make the most of your time, generally adding an additional 10-15 minutes onto your appointment. 


  1. Botox can be used to treat some cases of TMJ dysfunction like chronic clenching.  Botox isn’t just about aesthetics—our offices have treated several patients with chronic clenching habits and have had great success at reducing their symptoms. 


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